Life behind the teacher’s table

Beyond being a profession, teaching is a passion. It is a calling. I believe teaching does not begin with getting a diploma nor does it stop by getting the job or title formally. It is a life-long give-and-take process. As teachers are expected to be knowledgeable and master of their fields, they undergo the intricate task of learning (and sharing this learning) everyday. As teaching is a talent, so as learning. From here, I realized that for one to become a teacher, one must first be a learner.

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I entered UPOU (University of the Philippines Open University) May of 2012, enthusiastic, full of dreams and armed with strong hopes of putting substance to a long unfulfilled calling of being an educator. But I knew it would not be easy, as success could not always be achieved overnight.

Aside from learning technically, I am mostly indebted to the FIC’s (Faculty In Charge) for teaching us how to value time with all the deadliest deadlines that almost always left me breathless and hanging there by my fingernails. I had experienced all the extremes that tested my limits’ limits and shoke tenacity out of every possible persistence I have. It had stretched all the boundaries I knew of both learning and teaching. And yes, being here in UPOU gave me a firmer panorama of how to be a teacher by all sense of the word.

Everyone of us is a teacher on our own right and way, as we were embodied in the likeness of the image of the greatest teacher the world ever has; our Lord.

Writing is what liberated our Country from the gloomy 300 years of being colonized, and the author hopes to shed the same freedom out of every simple thoughts this typical blog houses, which in turn could lead to fruitful epiphanies for both the writer and the readers.

What: This blog is my personal UPOU e-Journal (An Academic-requirement for the UPOU online courses: EDS113 and EDS151).

Who: Author’s name is Jeff M.D.C.  

Why: This blog intends to share relevant thoughts, ideas and insights about both “ASSESSMENT-STUDIES” and “INSTRUCTIONAL MEDIA-STUDIES” relative to teacher-education.

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(Malolos, Bulacan)    

Tutor: Pathways to Higher Education (Bulacan)

High School Teacher: Stella Orientis School 

Academic Coach: MACIPRISA

Educt’n Units: PTC (UPou)


HS: MHPNHS                     

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2 Responses to Life behind the teacher’s table

  1. saleha says:

    do teachers also use unfair means


    • Jeff.M.D.C. says:

      Hi Saleha.

      “do teachers also use unfair means”— It’s “Reality vs. Expectation”. Reality answers “Yes!”, where as Expection says “No!”.

      We might also need to qualify what we mean by “unfair means”. Are we referring to teachers taking advantage of their position for their personal benefit? “Unfair means” for what?

      Nonetheless, as teachers are expected to be “fair” in every sense of the word, we still couldn’t just shake off the underlying circumstance why they sometimes are not.


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