e-Journal Entry #3: Going through the bits and pieces of designing hand-outs and creating non-projected visual aids.


e-Journal Entry #3: “It’s time to share your experiences and insights once again. Tell us about your experiences in designing handouts and the learning you got from your 3rd week in class.” -Prof. Roja


I prefered to divide this reflective blog into three parts which are 1. Personal sentiments (i.e. includes my honest reflections of what I personally felt, observed and realized within a specific span of the course) and 2. Academic realizations (i.e. includes ideas relative to the knowledge and skills gained from the lesson).

If you feel that going through subjective opinions and personal sentiments are irrelevant to the purposes of this blog, you can feel free to maximize the scroll button to immediately go to the Academic realizations from this blog. =)


The race with time: Dying from deadliest deadlines.
Like any other battles I’ve had, the third week of our class has been one of the fiercest. It has been a relentless battle with time and juggling priorities ranging from family matters to demands of work. It has been a tough race with time. I was eaten alive by deadlines. I regret it. But I would have regret it more if I had let myself stooped low, felt helpless, and never found strength to pick myself up and pushed on.

Thankfully, the classmates and Teacher Roja are both supportive. I find peace from C. W. Longenecker’s poem that goes:

“If you think you are outclassed, you are,
You’ve got to think high to rise,
You’ve got to be sure of yourself before
You can ever win a prize.

Life’s battles don’t always go
To the stronger or faster man.
But soon or late the man who wins,
Is the man who thinks he can.”

It’s not over until it’s over.
More than learning how to design and make handouts, I have learned the wisdom of compromise, for it is better to bend a little than to break. I have gained strength to put my career temporarily aside, sacrificed normal sleep to cater early for family needs, and finally committed on catching up with school deliverables. I felt standing at the bottom of a collapsing building and felt all its debris crumbling down to me. I grasped for time as the dying grasped for air.

Being a bread-winner slash full-time employee slash student with full 6-unit load, I knew I have gone too far on putting things on my plate. But I also knew there was a good reason for this. That I was up for the challenge. I am up for the challenge!



Obra maestra
I learned that visual aids are not isolated on the colorful papers we are placing onto the black boards, they could take simpler forms like handouts and pamphlets. And like any other undertakings, they are not as easy to achieve. I believe I have the passion for art, but matching it with standards (rubrics) and technology is a whole new story.

It was fun contemplating ideas of how to simplify the lesson, what imageries could be most efficient and useful, how to align learning objectives with content and instruction, and how to put everything altogether in one mesmerizing output (i.e. non-projected/multiple non-projected/projected media).

I thought pictures could just be cut, resized, and mounted right here and there, but the rubrics made me realized that alignment, proximity, directionals and others are also vital to take into consideration. A colorful visual does not always mean a good one, it needs to fit what the need is, as not all plain text is as bad. We need to find the right purpose of what and why we are putting things in our instructional media.

Kiss-kick-kiss: The sandwich principle
I was stunned of how helpful and interactive my classmates are upon receiving and giving feedbacks to each others’ works. When you thought that you’ve already given your best, someone would tap you on the back and help you realize what needs to be improved. I am just a little worried about how others could have absorbed non-euphemized feedbacks. It is true that feedbacks are meant to push improvement as not all work are impeccable, but positive scripting could have been more motivating.

I believe most of us (as most of us are emotional creatures who are as easily motivated or demotivated like you and me) could find the wisdom in the sandwich principle (Thanks to some classmates in “Assessment course” who shared it) that goes:

“If there is a need to emphasize on negative insights to make people realize their AFI’s (i.e. Areas For Improvement),
We must put (sandwich) it in the middle of two positive insights,
In that way, the stimuli for sensitive emotions would be less impacting. The positive side of the comment would still prevail, attracting greater positive reaction from the reader.”

for example: Your work is neat (Positive), although adding this and that could have been more helpful. Also, doing this and that could have made it more effective (Negative). Despite these, the effort given to come up with this is still well appreciated (Positive).


I believe you could relate that nothing kills a person’s motivation than insensitively constructed feedbacks. Constructive comments are as easily achievable as putting ourselves to the other persons’ shoes. Most of us have already been applying this, and that is a good enough reason to smile about. =)

An emoticon is worth a thousand words
I especially appreciate how teacher Roja and some of our classmates maximize the use of smiley icons. It may sound sissy, immature and irrelevant/insignificant with the lessons, but come to think of it, our words posted online have no emotions. Anyone could infer varying impressions from it ranging from happy, sad, excited, amazed to disappointed, mocking, sarcastic or irritated.

Behind every words are not only ideas but emotions. Emoticons give the emotional profile that our words lack. It gives the reader proper interpretation of what the writer wants to imply, lessening mis-interpretations and communication gaps, in the same way as how we apply it in creating visual aids that convey all the thousand ideas and emotions we want our learners to grasp. =)

Many Thanks!

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