eJournal Entry #2: How was my second week in class?


e-Journal Entry #2: “How was your 2nd week in class? What have you learned in the past week? Tell me about your interaction with your classmates!” -Prof. Roja


Game face is on!
The second week of our class was like an echoing “Tiiinnnngggg!” sound of a bell from a boxing fight. It marked the start of another journey filled with almost all domains found in Bloom’s taxonomy. We’ve savored gaining knowledge from knowing the different types of instructional media, comprehending their different strengths and weaknesses, applying these knowledge by illustrating guidelines of how to select and develop these intructional media, among many others.

chalk and black board

My personal take-aways from the second week
I appreciate how the class had been smooth sailing. Everyone seemed engaged and all hooked as non-stop posts gradually graced from all parts of the fora. While I felt enthusiastic with how my classmates got huge amount of energies in synthesizing, expounding and tabulating all forms of helpful insights about the topics, I also felt humbled with the fact that I am lagging behind everyone else, as chaotic work schedules and family priorities made me feel how reality bites.

Googling this and that
I learned that the figures from Dale’s cone of experienced were fallacious and that there is more to instructional media than creating drawings, works of art and visuals. That these materials, more than art-works are educational resources that are still bound by learning objectives and pedagogical principles.

As I have learned that “visual aids” is not necessarilly synonymous to “instructional media”, and what “instructional technology” means, I have also learned that not everything about instructional media is easy. I first thought that the lessons would just be light since the terms appeared to be self-explanatory. I thought wrong.

The second week is full of research. It was quite tough, especially when google is filled with ambigous articles with same topic but irrelevant meaning to the one you need. It is studded with “instructional media” for all sorts of topic but education (e.g. instructional media for aerobic exercise, gardening, winning a date, etc.) It sharpened our research and perusal skills.

Interaction: Sharing a piece of me to you
Interacting with classmates is quite relieving. There were friendly souls who share the same struggles, zest, and willingness to learn as you are. But there are also insensitive few who may need to learn the art of “euphemism“. Regardless of the impact of those experiences, I always prefer to look at it as constructive as necessary.

After all, in an online environment, all words could be associated with all possible emotions and meaning we could possibly think of. The important thing is that there’s an authoritative FIC (teacher Roja) who makes sure that the class is always at the right track and tirelessly finds time to put things in order. =)

Many Thanks!

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