Resignation: Is it because of me or because of you?

A trip to memory lane made me realized how I had a tradition of shifting careers every year. I have worked for more than 4 companies, acquainted with more than a hundred different company rules, and made use of several employee I.D’s and credentials.

Filing of resignation letters every year seemed to pass being a hobby few years ago. It has been an addictive vice. Thankfully, my current employer has put a stop on it. but why do good employees leave their work?

Here’s one of the reasons why (you could see the image clearer by clicking it or viewing it on another tab):



About Jeff.M.D.C.
I'm an intricate combination of varying temperaments; Happy and living life by the minute. "I do not aspire to fame or glory. I do not aim on rivaling others whose conditions, intelligence and circumstances are different from mine." -jpr. Want to know more? Ask me. =)

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